Hey, I’m Ákos

I’m a Hungarian traveler, and with each trip my love for traveling grows stronger.

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to travel to several European countries as a member of a folk dance group. These experiences in Estonia, Italy and Greece sparked my passion for exploring the world. Later, when I graduated from college and started working for a multinational company, I had more opportunities to travel each year. Even though I’m not a full-time traveler, I still feel incredibly lucky to experience all the incredible things the world has to offer.

Our first big trip of 2017 took us to Texas to visit a dear friend. Exploring Austin, Houston, and Dallas for almost 3 weeks opened our eyes to the diversity and uniqueness of different places. Besides annual vacations and short city trips, I have the privilege of experiencing the culture of different countries and cities through my work. I prefer to plan personal trips on a modest budget, and so far I’ve visited nearly 18 European countries, with many more on my bucket list. My wife and I have set ourselves the challenge of visiting all European capitals, and we have quite a journey ahead of us.

Here I share my travel experiences and insights. I’m also the photographer behind all the images on this site (not stock images unless otherwise noted).

Thanks again for stopping by!